soccer uniform

NHL Team Jerseys Swapped With Soccer Uniforms

The graphic designer did his homework; making sure that each corporation on the jersey, is the actual corporate sponsor of the franchise and/or home rink.

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first touchdown pass

Jimmy Garoppolo’s First NFL Touchdown On The New England Patriots

Someday someone will look back at this post and chuckle about the days when Jimmy Garoppolo was just a backup quarterback for the New England Patriots.

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Darrelle Revis Patriots

A (Friendly) 49′ers Fan’s Take On The Patriots’ Blow Out Loss

“I know how it feels to have everyone root for you to lose and want to at the very least offer some kind words.”

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new england patriots injury

The Silver Lining On The Patriots Blow Out Loss: No Gronk Spike

To see Gronk visibly pissed off, especially after a TD, proved to me that he is maturing. Maybe it’s a baby step but I’ll take what I can get.

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rajon rondo

The Future Of Celtics Guard Rajon Rondo In Boston

Is he staying or is he going? Does he love playing for the Boston Celtics? Is he a good teammate? What is the future of Rajon Rondo in Boston?

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