butt pad

It Came From Newton: The Booty Pop

Welcome to (M)assachusetts. We gave you liberty, universal healthcare and gay marriage. Act now and we’ll throw in a cock-eyed butt pad, real cheap.

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cloud computing

The Cloud: Innovation For Boston & The World

The next time you hear of a new breakthrough to save the life of an ailing friend or loved one, give a little nod to the cloud for the quiet part it played.

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new england patriots

Photo Of The Day: A Young Vince Wilfork

I have no idea how old Vince is in this picture but I’m positive that young Vince could kick my ass. Two buttons down for your school portrait = bad ass.

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colts juke

VIDEO: Gronk Mic’d Up After “Juking” 5 Colts Defenders

in Gronk’s world a juke means stiff arming, bull charging and heaving yourself at opposing defenders. Good ol’ fashioned steamrolling down the field.

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new england patriots locker room

VIDEO: Patriots Celebrate In Locker Room After Win Over Colts

I learned that Brandon LaFell’s nickname is JoJo, Tom brady has an awkward hugging style and for some reason players were yelling “SUPREME’ at Jonas Gray.

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