Zdeno Chara vs. Marty McSorley – Which Hit Is More Criminal?

marty mcsorley worst cheapshot ever

Evil On The Ice


Boston Bruins defenseman Zdeno Chara said he will not change his behavior after shoving a person down four flights of stairs last night.

“The guy came up out of the Subway exit to street level and brushed into me trying to get ahead of me on the sidewalk,” said Chara.

“That’s rude. So I shoved him backwards. I would have done it anywhere. It’s not my fault that there were four flights of stairs behind him. It was just bad luck for him being at the wrong place at the wrong time. That’s the way the game of life is.”

The victim, who has yet to be identified due to severe facial fractures and bruising, also broke his neck, all of his ribs, his back, his pelvis, and both femurs. He also had his left leg torn off when he rolled all the way down the steps and into the path of a subway train.

A.B. So obviously The Sports Pickle is to Sports Center as The Onion is to CNN. And in all honesty the website (and twitter account) is pretty hilarious.

But while this story is obviously fake, the truth is that a lot of “fans,” especially more North of the Border, feel that Chara was CRIMINALLY out of line.

Let’s think about that for a second…

Even Marty McSorley didn’t do time and he baseball-batted Donald Brashear’s head in Vancouver. And unlike Chara’s hit which was a normal hockey body check, McSorley’s swing-to-the-head had no place in a hockey rink and was pretty much just pure evil.

All Chara did was make a clean hit in an unfortunate area of the arena.

Ironically, my only friend who hails from the land known as America’s Hat, and more specifically Montreal, backed up the hit as well. He posted on Facebook (because, where else?):

“If you’re whining about the Chara hit you either A. Have never played hockey or B. Are a biased fan. If the same hit was on the other side of the ice a penalty doesn’t even get called. Instead of calling the cops, Montreal should send the oh so talented Hal Gill out there to settle the score next tilt. Good luck w/ that bud.”

The only thing missing from that well executed argument of the facts was an “EYYY” and a Labatts Blue reference.

Otherwise right on point.

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