WTAJ Pennsylvania Sports Reporter Red Sox Fail “Boston Red Birds”

“You got six more left with the red birds, the reds… the RED… SOX – whatever they are, the Reds”

A.B. How do these sports anchors keep their jobs? I still don’t know who this dude was talking about. The cardinals, the Red Sox or the Reds? Make up your mind.

And what blows my mind the most is not that he made a mistake. Put me in front of a camera and I’d probably stutter like the fat kid in Billy Madison. But the fact that he is a SPORTS REPORTER and isn’t even saying real team names is just pathetic.¬†Reds – Red Sox, I get it. White Sox – Red Sox, easy mistake. But the only Red Birds I found is the minor league team out of Memphis. And I seriously doubt this dude is scouting minor league talent.

But don’t think I’m being too hard. News anchors get a pass. One story is about a triple murder, the next about a cookie eating contest. You aren’t going to be an expert on both… But sports is sports. You either know the teams, players & stats or you get exposed on live television.

Wait, their sports page is an ode to Penn State? – “we are central PA” – That actually explains a lot…

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