Would You Drink The New Coors Iced Tea?

new coors light hard iced t

Gross Or Great?


Molson Coors Brewing (TAP) is introducing Coors Light Iced T next month. The beverage will be sold in aluminum cans similar to its existing beer offerings, and rightfully so. Despite the “iced tea” implied by its moniker, this citrus-like brew will pack a roughly 4% alcohol punch.

A.B. I think I like the advertisement & the idea of this more than I would the taste.

So I asked a buddy of mine what he thought since his summer cooler consists of strictly Silver Bullets & Twisted Teas. I figured this would be like the Holy Grail of booze for him.

“Looks kinda nasty,” was his response. And I guess that makes sense. It’s nice to switch between the 2.

Blended does not always equal better.

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