Woman Robs Two Boston Area Banks & Flees Via Public Transit

woman bank robber

The Public Transit Kid (or not)


For the second time today, a white woman is being sought for a Dorchester bank hold up, this time at the Members Plus Credit Union, 494 Gallivan Blvd.

Police are looking for a woman with long hair who may have boarded a bus toward Ashmont after passing a demand note around noon, and are pretty certain she’s the same woman who robbed a Citizens branch on Morrissey Boulevard earlier in the day.

A.B. I’m slightly confused as to whether these robberies were done by the same woman, but I hope so, because then I’ll be able to call her the Public Transit Kid.

Her intricate knowledge of T routes will allow her to elude authorities for supernatural lengths of time. She will flee by bus, by train, and even by ferry. But the Public Transit Kid will finally be caught while she waits for the B Line.

The robberies themselves are tangential. It’s the concept of fleeing the scene of the crime by public transportation that really makes this story hilarious. Considering how unlikely it is that I will ever participate in anything this interesting, I’m kind of glad that at least my tax dollars have had a small part in this woman’s crime spree.

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