Wally The Green Monster Red Sox Mascot Costume Stolen From Fenway Park



Police said they believe the thief was wearing the costume. At about 2:22 p.m., a security officer at Fenway reported the theft. The thief was last seen at Boylston and Dartmouth streets.

Wally was seen around 1:30 p.m. walking in Copley Square during the summer arts festival. It’s unclear how many Wally costumes there are.

A.B. When I first saw the headline I was wondering who would be dumb enough to steal this costume – it’s not like you can walk around with it on. But silly me, that’s exactly what you do. People have no idea who is supposed to be wearing the outfit. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to walk around Boston and be treated like a celebrity. People giving you high fives and taking pictures with you. Just living the life.

But let’s hope for the children of Boston’s sake that this isn’t some Sandusky type under that green fur. Things could get real messy, real fast.

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