Top 5 Hottest Boston Red Sox Wives

A.B. My judgement skills are flawed. I can’t make a decision here. A top 10 NHL hockey jerseys list, no problem. But ordering Red Sox wives for some reason leaves me with a serious case of writers block.

I think it’s because I can’t separate them from their husbands or the scenarios. Like being introduced by Donald Trump makes me want to drop Lindsay Buchholz to #5. But she is hot. Then I want to put Ann Lux (Will Middlebrook’s wife) to #1 but she’s clearly a Dallas Cowboys fan.

So again going to the polls, I will let the readers decide the top 5…

Lindsay Buchholz

Fun Fact: They were introduced by Donald Trump.

clay buccholz's wife lindsay

Surfer Chick Buchholz

Krista Lackey

Fun Fact: UNH Grad, from Maine & Red Sox fan growing up.

john lackey's wife krista

Now Ex-Mrs. Lackey

Ann Lux

Fun Fact: Former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader.

(Will Middlebrooks’ fiance – but she’s staying on the list for obvious reasons)


Nice assets

Farrah Johnson Lester

Fun Fact: Hunts deer with jon.

jon lester's wife farrah

Chick & A Championship

Kelli Pedroia

Fun Fact: Works on behalf of the Melanoma Foundation of New England.

dustin pedroia's wife kelli

Kelli & The Couch

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  1. Tony Simon says:

    That Mrs Varitek picture does her no justice. She is a smoke show. Check out her twitter.

    Mrs.Buchholz is one sizzle hot of woman, Good God Clay, can you handle that?

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