The Top 10 Josh Beckett Hate Memes On Tumblr

josh beckett upset in dug out

Josh Beckett’s New Home: The Bench

A.B. Second to only John Lackey, Red Sox pitcher Josh Beckett may be the most hated athlete in Boston right now. And with quotes like, “We get 18 off days a year, I think we deserve a little time to ourselves,” he isn’t helping his cause.

But regardless of what he says and what he does while he’s on the DL (golf) – the fact is that his performances in 2012 have been terrible. According to his ERA is now 4.97…

Not terrible for a #5 starter, but terrible for a supposed ACE. And certainly terrible for someone who can throw mid to high nineties and has won 2 World Series Championships.

But if you don’t believe me that Beckett is the trash of the town, I’ll let Red Sox fans on tumblr tell the story instead.

So without further ado, here’s The Top 10 Josh Beckett Hate Memes On Tumblr:


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