Tom Brady’s New CVS Sponsored Unreal Candy Commercial

CBS Boston:

Nearly every New Englander knows Tom Brady is a Super Bowl Champion.

But how is he at staring contests?

Some lucky, and unknowing, customers of a Rhode Island CVS found that out over the weekend, as the Patriots quarterback helped the company tape a video to promote the new “Unreal” healthy candy.

The customers sat down in a booth knowing a staring contest would soon begin, but were caught off guard when the curtain was pulled back to reveal Brady sitting on the other side.

A.B. Brady is all over the place recently & good for him. I’ve been sick of seeing Peyton Manning’s face on tv for years now. Nice to see that Brady has jumped into the tv commercial world.

And don’t be fooled – he doesn’t need the money or the limelight. This is purely for fun. Let the haters hate but would you do any different?

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  1. Karen says:

    My son is allergic to dyes and preservatives, so this candy is a blessing for my little guy. Thank you Unreal Candy and Tom Brady:)

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