Tom Brady ‘Sings’ Call Me Maybe

Here’s my number, so call me Brady?

There is not a song in the world I hate more than Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe”, and each new YouTube video cover of this song sucks worst than the previous one. With that being said, here is a clip of Tom Brady singing the song. Much like the President Obama video of him “singing” Jepsen’s hit, godlike899 spliced together thousands of clips of the New England Patriots quarterback saying each individual lyric and put them to music. I don’t know who has time to do something like this, but thanks for nothing my man!

A.B. Kind of makes me want to rip out my ear drums (especially the first part) but I have to give credit where due. This took a lot of time and effort – and watching a lot of obscure Brady clips. I just hope whoever made this has finally come out of their parents’ basement.

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