Tim Thomas Leaves His Apocalypse Bunker To Wish You Happy Holidays

A.B. I know, I didn’t believe it at first either. Mr. Hide-In-My-Colorado-Bunker actually rejoined human civilization for a half day. But it’s good to see Timmy again considering I thought he would never come out of hiding after Obama won re-election. I just figured that would be his tipping point.

Plus, with the stock market up over 300 points yesterday, the fiscal cliff avoided, the Mayans being wrong, gun control on the table & global warming finally being recognized by more right wingers – you have to figure that Timmy is now hiding from embarrassment rather than fear. All that doomsday prepping for nothing – what a shame.

But don’t take everything you read to heart #30; there are still Bruins fans like myself who will always love you for 2011 – no matter how bat sh*t nuts you may be.

Happy Holidays indeed.

H/T Masshole Sports


    He’s bat shit crazy for planning for the inevitable? He’s going to look a lot less crazy when the shit hits the fan. Timmy the best goalie ever. Tuukkaaaaa time now!!!

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