This Is A Real School In Ohio: Sandusky Central Catholic

Sandusky Central Catholic School cross logo

Actual Logo For SCCS











A.B. You know that expression, “you couldn’t make this stuff up if you tried” when something so unbelievable happens?

Well, this is so unbelievable that at first I was 100% sure it WAS made up.

Nope. Sandusky Central Catholic School in Ohio is a real place. A real place with little kids pictured on the homepage (seriously marketing department?)

In all honesty I feel bad for the priests here. First they have to be a part of the Catholic Church molestation cover up… and now this?

Maybe it’s a sign to find a new line of work.

Or at least change the school name.

Link To Sandusky Central Catholic School

blue rectangle banner for SCCS

Actual Banner For SCCS


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