The Weakest Guitar Smash Of All Time

A.B. First off, the setting is all wrong. Who smashes a guitar in a forest with birds chirping? And as if it couldn’t be any worse, they decided to add a Metallica soundtrack just to prove how “hard” they are.

Secondly, what is with the pause before “smashing” the guitar off the tree? Second thoughts? Whatever the reason, this kid’s first and subsequent attempts are weak at best. That has to be the most anticlimactic “smashing” in history.

The knee snap at 1:05 is just flat out embarrassing.

And the worst part of all is the title: Smashing up ANOTHER guitar. You mean you have done this before? This was the work of a serial smasher? This kids’ parents need to step in an either: A. tell him to get a job OR B. at least teach him how a real man smashes a guitar.

This is how it’s done son:

  • Jon

    They are like 15 or something. They are just having fun so don’t diss.

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