The Ultimate Ray Allen Boston Celtics Tribute Video – Live Forever

A.B. Ray Allen is Boston’s newest villain. Everyone wants to say he shouldn’t have left. Barstool has him pegged as Judas – a great way to sell t-shirts for sure. But the fact is that Ray went where he would play more and I respect that. He could have taken more money in Boston but his role would have been limited. Jesus Shuttlesworth is a gamer not a cheerleader. In a world where it’s money first, Ray did the opposite. He saw the writing on the wall. Be a player in Miami or a coach to Avery Bradley in Boston.

It wasn’t about a grudge or hating boston. It wasn’t about money. It was just time for both sides to move on.

“Forever, I’ll always be a Celtic, no matter what.” – Ray Allen @ Miami Heat press conference 7/11/12

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