The Top 5 Hottest Women In NESN History

A.B. If you grew up with NESN, like most self-respecting New England sports fans in their 20’s & 30’s did, you remember the days of Fred Cusick, Derek Sanderson & Bob Kurtz. Kids today have it so much better with this cast of characters.

And while NESN may be a revolving door for hot chicks on their way to larger markets like L.A. & New York – who is complaining? A new NESN hottie every year or two years? Yes please.

So without further ado… The Top 5 Hottest Women In NESN History:

#5 Tina Cervasio

After being the Sox sideline reporter in the early 2000’s, this babe made her way back to the Big Apple and is currently working for the MSG Network. I’m guessing MSG stands for Major Sex Goddess?

#4 Hazel Mae

I used to love my quality weekend morning time with Hazel. So you can imagine my surprise when I woke up one morning to no Hazel and some dude with a massive forehead instead. But I’m a class guy and won’t name names. In case you’re wondering, in 2008 Hazel packed her phony fun-bags and took them to Canada, ey.

#3 Heidi Watney

Rumors have swirled about this blond vixen since her “firing.” First, did she sleep with Varitek or didn’t she? We may never know. Second, have you seen her lately? She’s donning a set of party hats that would only fit my big melon. Where is she now? Well, she just left Time Warner without reporting a single game…

#2 Kathryn Tappen

I know many of you may be saying, “really?” And my answer is oh hell yeah! I was lucky enough to sit in the box next to her for an entire season, and short of losing my tickets for stalking her, it was the best 40 games of my life. What a body, too bad she was stuck behind the NESN booth the whole time.

#1 Jenny Dell

Everything the Red Sox do this offseason needs to revolve around Jenny Dell. I want to live the winter of Dell like I wanted to live the summer of Gronk. I want her reporting on everything. In fact, get rid of Don and Jerry and let Jenny take over the entire operation. I want Jenny in the booth, on the sidelines, dressing up as Wally or whatever it takes to keep her on the screen. If there’s 16 hours of air time on the network, she must have 15 and a half.

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  • Don Hamilton

    Who was the female that worked at nesn her last name was mastreonie

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