The Top 5 Best Boston Booze Ads & Brands Ever

#5) Mr. Boston Vodka

mr boston vodka bottles

Pick Your (Boston) Poison

You could make a pretty strong argument that Mr. Boston from the TV show I Love New York is more enjoyable to hang out with than Mr. Boston vodka.

This “masterpiece” falls somewhere in the vodka hierarchy between Zhenka & Rubinoff, which in layman’s terms means it is about $12 a handle, gets you blacked out quick & leaves you feeling like you took a right hook from Tyson the following morning.

Perfect for college, perfect for the homeless but horrible for hangovers. (Mr.) Boston represent!

#4) Absolut Boston – The Vodka

absolut boston vodka bottles

Limited Edition Boston Release

The marketing team at Absolut did their research on this one. Why green for Absolut Boston?

Here’s why:

The Green Monster (& Fenway Park in general), The Boston Celtics, the Green Line & green shamrock everything. In other words, if Boston had an official color, it would most definitely be green. Good for Absolut for recognizing this trend and marketing their booze correctly. It’s just too bad they didn’t spend more time making the actual booze better… Not a fan.

#3) Samuel Adams Boston Lager

samuel adams boston lager beer

A True Boston Beer

Unlike 99% of my friends I am not a LOVER of Sam Adams. I actually like the branding and idea of it more than I like the taste (I told you I’m a homer). All that being said, Sam Summer is a pretty solid beach beer and Boston Lager certainly isn’t terrible.

But regardless of my personal opinions on taste, Sam makes this list for obvious reasons. It’s Boston born, brewed, shipped and spread (yes thats a pun on our slogan).

#2) Absolut Boston – Boston Garden Celtics Parquet Floor

absolut boston garden parquet floor ad

Absolute Parquet

This one kind of blows my mind.

With some absolute ads they have to stretch pretty far to make it work. But if I’m not mistaken this court is painted pretty legit with the only obvious addition being the top of the bottle. In other words: Brilliance in Simplicity.

And going back to #4, Absolut was smart enough again to use Boston green. The Boston Celtics and the famous Boston Garden parquet floor… Any self respecting Bostonian can say without a doubt that this ad is “wicked pissah.”

#1) Absolut Boston – Boston Tea Party

absolut boston tea party magazine ad

The Boston Vodka Party

Ah, the good old American Revolution reference. Nothing like a little American patriotism injection from a Swedish Booze Bottler. But I can’t hate. This ad is incredibly creative.

Although when I first saw it I wondered if it was published before or after the Tea Baggers “Tea Partiers” started making national headlines on a daily basis. More props to Absolut if it was before the fact, but either way I’m sure this ad was met with a ton of success.


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