The Top 25 Best And Worst Boston Sports Tattoos Of All Time


Contrary to most of my posts, I’m not here to play judge and jury on these Boston sports tattoos.

It all comes down to how you feel about Boston sports and tattoos in general. Haters will hate and the die-hards will go get similar ink tomorrow. I fall somewhere in the middle. Ranking the top 15 Boston Red Sox license plates seems so much easier now.

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Posts like this take a lot of aimlessly scrolling through Google hard research, and we appreciate the love.

Now without further ado…

Here is a lot of Beantown ink:


    REALLY a tattoo of the world trade bombing with a Boston logo? Really how stupid and non compassionate can you be with a statement like that?

    • http://www.theawesomeboston bro juneau

      couldnt agree more. that one definitely falls under “worst”. So does your username by the way. FUKDAYANKEES.

  • Lauren

    The Lego Patriots tattoo is my favorite, and definitely the most creative of the bunch. Pat the Patriot is…unfortunate.

    p.s. It is without further “ado,” not “adieu.” The former means a fuss or hubbub, while the latter is the word “goodbye” in French. Enjoyed the post, keep up the good work!

  • Tony

    Thats not the World Trade Bombing, Its the prudential and Hancock.. Two structures identifying the Boston Skyline…. not sure why the flames but its cool ….

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