The Tom Brady New England Patriots Bundchen #12 Jersey

custom new england patriots jersey

Hall Of Famer: Tom Bundchen

Reader Email (Don):

I’ve always wanted a custom jersey to stand out from the rest of my 30+ Boston sports jerseys. Thought about the Celtics #20 “Shuttlesworth” – it’s been done. Red Sox #15 “Laser Show” – ehhh wasn’t feeling it. I had to figure out something that hadn’t been done…

A.B. Don went on to say how it isn’t really a knock on Brady. Its kind of just a way to play into the joke that Gisele wears the pants in the relationship. And we can all admit that after this off season of super long hair, water slide follies & euro attire that its an easy joke to participate in.

But either way this jersey-t shirt is incredible.

And to all those real Brady haters out there who might love this jersey even more – think before you speak. There are far worse things in life than being a millionaire 3-time super bowl champion (& MVP) who supposedly gets dominated by his equally rich Brazilian supermodel wife…

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