The NEW Most Die Hard Boston Bruins Fan Ever

die hard bruins fan kid with crazy boston bruins mohawk haircut

Even His Hair Bleeds Black & Gold













A.B. Last year I thought I had found the most die hard Boston Bruins fan fan ever.

I was wrong.

Even though this kid wasn’t alive to see Orr or watch the Bruins come so close in the early 90’s, this is true dedication.

I mean he isn’t rocking the 5 minute face paint or pro shop Bruins hat.

This kid dyed his hair yellow and black, super-glued a Mohawk together and then proceeded to glue Boston Bruins decals into his hair.

That is hardcore.

That is a die hard fan.

No. That is the MOST die hard Bruins fan I have ever seen.

Sorry Mr. Moog haircut head, you have officially slipped to #2.

  • Christine Ray

    The Most Die Hard Boston Bruins Fan Ever is my son and the picture was taken in Vancouver game seven when the Bruins won the cup. Max does his hair for every Bruins game that he attends and he is the best Bruins fan ever. Along with his brother who has shown his dedication by wearing a Boston Bruins jersey / t-shirt every day. On June 25th it will be 1000 days in a row. That is committment.

    • http://www.theawesomeboston bro juneau

      Thank you for the information and for checking out the site! Sounds like you have some awesome kids & true Bruins fans!

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