The Most Absurd 19 Second Fight Outside Fenway Park You Will See Today

A.B. Usually a fight clip under 20 seconds on Youtube is garbage with shaky filming and some annoying chick yelling in the background. But this clip is different. In 19 seconds you see a barrage of punches, a chick forget how to walk and some dude wearing a Tim Thomas t-shirt unconscious in the street.

I had to watch the clip about 10 times to get the full video breakdown:

3 Person Mele) Lower left screen, the main action of the video. What looks like someone getting worked by a barrage of punches is actually a dude getting worked by a barrage of punches BUT while also punching another guy with a barrage of punches. Watch as the main “character” gets off and you will see the 3rd guy underneath. Back to this shortly.

Chick Fall) Middle right of screen, happens fast. This girl was so eager to drag her man away from the action that she ended up getting taken out by the curb. In any other video this would be the classic “chick walking fail” but here its just supplemental ridiculousness to the chaos outside of Fenway. Stop milking it and get up. You fell literally .3 feet.

Dead Tim Thomas) I didn’t catch this until at least the tenth time watching this video. Just too much going on to notice the only person not moving. But the more I watched it, the more ridiculous it became. This dude in the #30 t shirt is out cold. Sleeping-in-the-street-and-my-girlfriend-can’t-even-roll-my-lifeless-body-over out cold. Watch as the video ends and people scatter. All of the attention begins to shift to this guy who may have just pulled a Donnie from Big Lebowski and may also be dead.

Knee To The Face Finale) Go back to the group from #1. This one is pretty self explanatory. Dude #2 stops getting wailed on by dude #1, pretends to let up dude #3 and as he rises, #2 kicks #3 in the face. Solid move bro.

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