The Boston MBTA ‘Bodily Fluids’ Man Pleads Not Guilty After 8 Years

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Bodily Fluids Included

A 52-year-old Washington, D.C.-area man is charged in an alleged 2004 indecent assault on a then-23-year-old woman on a Boston subway.

Timothy Day of Bethesda, Md., pleaded not guilty to indecent assault and battery Monday in Suffolk Superior Court. Bail was set at $1,500. Authorities say DNA evidence linked him to the case.

Boston prosecutors say the woman reported to police she found bodily fluids on her purse and slacks after a man pressed against her from behind on a train.

A.B. Jeez this woman can really hold a grudge.  Who keeps a purse with “bodily fluids,” on it for 8 years? Not to belittle the woman’s case, but if I was on the T and someone got their “fluids” on my jacket, I would burn it right where I stood – I don’t care if I’m in the middle of South Station.

Who is this guy putting fluids on people while riding the subway?  Yeah its gross and wrong and stuff, but it’s also kind of impressive.  Think about it, it’s almost impossible to ride the T standing up, especially the green line.  It’s always jerking around, you could dislocate your shoulder just trying to remain upright. Now imagine this guy doing his thing on a Boston subway. It’s a miracle this guy didn’t pull a “John Wayne Bobbitt” and didn’t get caught for 8 years.  You’d think people would be quick to notice guys putting “fluids” on people—just look at the Internet.

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