The 6 Worst New England Patriots 1st Round Draft Picks Of All Time

A.B. At 6-3 and past the halfway point of  the NFL season, the New England Patriots hold a 2 game lead in the AFC east. While first-round draft pick  Chandler Jones seems to be a standout, there is still a lot of controversy around the other first round picks the Patriots have made in recent years. And while the Pats have found gold in later rounds like Tom Brady in the 7th, New England fans hope every year that their first rounders don’t turn out like these guys:

Robert Edwards (1st round, 1998)      

“The Greatest That Never Was” blew out his knee in a flag football game after his first season with the Patriots in ’98-’99. This turkey didn’t make a return to the NFL until 2002 when he served as a back-up running back for the Miami Dolphins. The “Never Was” retired shortly thereafter.

Leonard Russell (1st round, 1991)   

The 14th overall pick in the 1991 draft by the Patriots, Russell’s career ended before it even began. He lasted 6 seasons in the NFL with 4 different teams. Last I heard he was the Director of Business Development for an athletic training facility in California.

Hart Lee Dykes (1st round, 1989) 

Remember this clown? He was the one that got into a fight with Irving Fryar in a bar room in 1990. The Patriots dubbed him as the next great wide receiver, only to lose the former sixteenth overall pick to a shattered kneecap. He never returned to the NFL and his whereabouts today is unknown.

Andy Katzenmoyer (1st round, 1999)    

I, like everybody else, had high hopes for this guy. I can only imagine how awesome it would have been to have him and Teddy Johnson as run stuffers up the middle. Unfortunately, Katzenmoyer injured his neck in 2000 and never returned to the game. From what I can find he now owns a personal training studio in Ohio.

Eugene Chung (1st round, 1992)

I’m pretty sure he was the offensive lineman who ate a dozen hard boiled eggs before every game in the movie “The Replacements” with Keanu Reeves and Gene Hackman. The thirteenth overall pick was the biggest bust in the 1992 draft and only lasted 5 NFL seasons. I believe he is now the assistant to the strength and conditioning coach for the Philadelphia Eagles. How’s that for irony?

Chris Canty (1st round, 1997)  

Not to be confused with the successful Chris Canty of the New York Giants, this former 29th overall draft pick only lasted 4 seasons in the NFL. For some reason when I watch Devin McCourty, I have flashbacks of the Canty years. Both have logged more mileage tracking down receivers than last week’s flight to London.

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