The 15 Best Boston Red Sox License Pates Of All Time

A.B. Everyone in New England knows that New Hampshire is the king of vanity plates. Ok, well they are actually second in the union. But those drivers choosing to honor the best baseball franchise in the world, The Boston Red Sox, come from everywhere from Massachusetts to Alabama.

So without further adieu, here are the 15 best Boston Red Sox license plates of all time…

#15 – New York, REDSX

ny red sox license plate

Red Sox NOT Red Sux

Nothing too fancy here. Just a New York Red Sox fan, something us Massholes love to see. Simple and to the point.

#14 – Oregon, REDSOX

oregon red sox license plate

Pacific Northwest Red Sox

This plate is special. Fully decked out Oregon license plate with the green tree and all. A perfect RED SOX spelled out plate. Awesome.

#13 – California, GORSOX

CA go red sox plate

Go Red Sox From California

Another simple statement coming from the West Coast: Go Red Sox. Well played, sir bro.

#12 – California, (Heart)BOSTON

love boston red sox

Heart Boston Red Sox

You could argue that this isn’t a Red Sox plate but the giant window sticker cares to disagree. The best part of this plate is that the owner somehow got a blue heart on the actual plate. If a cop pulls this guy over, how exactly is this called in? Heart, Bravo, Ocean, Sam, Tom, Ocean, Nora? Or do they leave the Heart part out? Any cop readers out there, I would appreciate an answer.

#11 – Minnesota, FENWAY

minnesota fenway plate

Fenway In Minnesota

This could be a tribute to the Fenway area of Boston but something tells me this is instead paying homage to Fenway Park. After all I don’t think many people are in love with the college kids, traffic & homeless people in that part of Boston. But it’s a Minnesota plate, so anything is possible…

#10 – New York, RDSXFN

red sox fan plate

Red Sox Fan New York

Nothing to see here, just your typical New York Red Sox fan. I can’t help but love every second of it.

#9 – New York, 04TEAM

2004 red sox

04 Sox World Series

I especially love the license plate here because I hate everything else on this car. BC is overrated in every sport but hockey, Rudy Giuliani is an absolute moron & although I love NYC – it would be a lot cooler without the NY sports fans. The CP sticker? No idea, but I probably hate that too. It’s a glass half empty type of day…

#8 – California, RDSOXGO

red sox motorcycle plate

Honda Red Sox Fan

A motorcycle with a Boston Red Sox license plate is an automatic top-10’er. It doesn’t matter that it’s a Honda motorcycle. It’s still a mini-plate showing love to the Sox. Game, set, match. Being in Cali is just bonus points.

#7 – California, SOXIN04

red sox 2004

Red Sox 2004 Champs

Another awesome Boston Red Sox plate out of California. Seems like the Fenway Faithful are making quite a statement on the West Coast. And if the Angels keep playing like they are, there may be a lot more Sox plates popping up around Californ-i-a. How about a SOXIN12 version though?

#6 – New York, SOXFAN2

ny sox fan turtleneck

Bonus Points For Turtleneck

While this license plate is a questionable top-10’er, this woman’s turtleneck gives this picture (and plate) some serious clout. That and the over the top Yooooooooouk bumper sticker. She must drive New Yorkers crazy.

#5 – New Hampshire, (Audi) &SOXFAN

AUDI car red sox plate

Audi & Red Sox

Get it? He isn’t just a Red Sox fan. He is an Audi and Red Sox fan. Top 5 for creativity but maybe also top 5 for douchebaggery.

#4 – Alabama, SOXWIN

alabama sox win

Alabama Red Sox Pride

This plate is extra cool because you know there was no Red Sox license plate competition at the Alabama DMV. This dude literally could have had any Sox plate he wanted. And what did he go with? Not RED SOX. Not BOSOX. Instead he went plain and simple and made a statement. SOX WIN; the best phrase in the league.

#3 – New York, CRSTHS

CRSTHS red sox plate

“Curse This, Bro!”

I love this one because it’s such a Jeep driver thing to say. “Curse this, bro.” Can’t you just see it? Long haired surfer-type-dude in a yellow jeep cruising by Yankees stadium yelling, “A-Rod Sucks…man!”

#2 – Massachusetts – BEATN.Y.

beat new york license plate

Beat NY, Go Red Sox

Just pure Yankee hatred dripping off this plate. Sure it doesn’t say FCK JTR but still, this is pretty good. And especially nice is the use of N.Y. instead of NY. It was important for this Volvo owner to let everyone know he doesn’t want to beat some asian guy named NYguen but rather the entire state of N.Y. Plus he left his top down in public. I bet he is hiding in the back seat right now waiting for some punk pinstripe fans to try and mess with this work of art vanity plate.

#1 – Massachusetts – SOXNUT

red sox nut license plate

Pure Plate Perfection

Maybe it’s the mystery of all the illegible signatures. Maybe it’s the fact it isn’t on a car at all. I don’t know. But something about having a license plate that reads SOXNUT just seems right. I will sleep well tonight knowing this exists.

  • Gary Miller

    i have a picture i took while driving my car in the albany, ny area. the car passed me and i glanced up at the plate, sped up a bit to get the shot of a ny plate reading SOX in4…just outstanding. i keep it in my truck and glance at it occasionally to help when in a bad mood.

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