The #12 Best Tom Brady Images On Tumblr

A.B. Being a Patriots fan, I take heat for saying Tom Brady is  the best quarterback of all time. It’s sort of like rocking one of those “My kid made honor roll” bumper stickers on a minivan. Everyone thinks what’s theirs is best. Unless you’re a Jags fan. Then you know your team sucks.

But with #12 it’s more than just a hometown obsession. He has the numbers to back it up.

Numbers aside, his celebrity status also makes Tom Terrific an even more polarizing figure. Both he and his supermodel wife can’t go anywhere without being photographed. I guess that comes with being an incredibly good looking, successful and wealthy couple. Poor Tom & Gisele.

But beyond the Patriots fans and Paparazzi, Tom Brady has also become an internet craze. Sites dedicate valuable page space to Brady photoshops, mashups and memes of the football Deity. One of the best sites demonstrating the stalker-esque love for Brady is Tumblr.

So without further adieu, here’s The #12 Best Tom Brady Images on Tumblr:

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