The 10 Best Tweets From Jon Lester Versus Angry Red Sox Fans

A.B. Jon Lester took to Twitter yesterday to defend himself and his teammates from angry Boston Red Sox fans. And although many more of the Boston Faithful stepped up to defend the slumping southpaw, Lester certainly had his hands full with some cyber-Sox bullies. Ranging from bath salts accusations to wishing for trades, Lester was bombarded by a whirlwind of negativity.

In one humble Red Sox fans’ opinion, Lester came out on top of the twitter turbulence. From pointing out errors in math to referencing his never quit attitude, Lester was able to keep his cool.  It’s strange that Lester responded to the criticism in the first place but his sometimes sarcastic tone at least made the banter enjoyable.

So without further ado, here are the 10 bests tweets at & from @JLester31:

lester on bath salts

Bath Salts Before Games

jon lester happy

Lester Happy In Boston

jon lester harsh fans

Harsh Sox Fans

jon lester math tweet

The Math Doesn’t Add Up

jon lester positive

Positive Jon Lester

jon lester sucking

Lester Sucks?

jon lester trade wish

A Sox Fan Trade Wish

jon lester news flash

News Flash For Lester

jon lester sarcastic

“Sorry” You Feel That Way

jon lester vocabulary

+1 Lester, -1 Wah Fan

Looks like Peter Gammons might be wrong after all…

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