Suspected Texting & Driving Accident In Billerica, MA 12/15/11

A.B. Got this email from my cousin this afternoon:

(Boston Road – Billerica, MA)

I pulled an 18-yr old kid out of his front seat this AM on the way to work, after this happened. He was right behind me and was driving the speed limit (was raining a bit). The first thing out of his mouth when I asked him if he was okay? “I think I was texting and then blacked out”. Obviously, from the pictures you can tell that if he had a passenger with him, they’d be about 10 inches shorter…with no head. After driving on 2 wheels along the previous guard rail for about 20 feet, he swerved again to have his car turned into a skewer by the next guard rail. The kid — about 6’4″ — had not 1 scratch on him. He had his seat belt on but his air bags did not deploy. All of the cops, fire fighters, and even the tow truck driver were taking pictures with their phones and telling this kid he should go play the lottery. Forget that, he needs to cancel his texting plan before he kills himself or someone else.

UPDATE: Poster by the name of Kat3Kids is claiming the driver was not texting and driving. Although I don’t appreciate the tone or her telling me to take down the video (which I won’t do) I added “Suspected” to the title and have added this text. Remember this is not a newspaper. I did not claim any facts. I posted what my cousin wrote word-for-word & attached the pictures.

Result of Billerica car accident

Car In Billerica Impaled By Guard Rail

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