“Swimming” In The Charles River Is Top 5 On My Anti-Bucket List


Authorities are continuing to investigate what caused a college student to fall into the Charles River and suffer critical injuries early Sunday morning.

Massachusetts State Police troopers from the Brighton barracks responded to a 1:05 a.m. report of a young woman who had apparently fallen into the Charles River near the Boston University Sailing Pavilion.

Police did not identify the victim or which city college or university she attends. However, a preliminary investigation by Trooper Lorin Ehler determined that the student is an 18-year-old from Houston who was out with friends just north of 535 Commonwealth Ave. when the incident occurred.

The Commonwealth Avenue address is located near the Kenmore Square area within Boston University’s campus.

The woman was pulled from the water by a friend and transported by ambulance to Brigham and Women’s Hospital, where she remained in critical condition this morning, police said.

Boston firefighters assisted at the scene.

A.B. Thank god the chick is from Texas. She has no idea what she just lived through.

Menino and his cronies can talk about harbor clean ups & new water treatment pipelines until their faces turn blue. Fact is that water is as dirty today as the day “Dirty Water” was written.

Oh, and a little known fact: that song was written about the worst of Boston. Now we use it to celebrate wins… figures.

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