Stupid New Teen Pain Game Of Choice: The Salt & Ice Challenge *Graphic


The salt and ice challenge is a game practiced by high school students. Salt is poured on an area of the arm/or hand and then an ice cube is placed on top. This will create a burning sensation. After the ice melts or you’ve had enough pain there will be a white scar which will eventually turn red and be painful. The game is played until someone has had enough pain.

A.B. What the f*ck is wrong with kids today? Vodka soaked tampons, butt-chugging beers, snorting bath salts & now this? What ever happened to stealing your parents booze, sneaking out of your house and partying in the woods?

And believe me, the last thing I want to be is one of those “back in my day” type of d-bags. I realize things change. Music changes, technology changes and the pressures on kids only grows larger. But with all that said, burning yourself with table salt has to be the dumbest idea of all time.

Nothing is cool about being a burn victim. No one has been laid in a burn unit since ‘Nam.

Don’t believe it’s that bad?

As for other stupid adolescent games…

Bloody knuckles: Your fist bleeding is American as apple pie.

Kill the man with the ball: Responsible for more concussions during recess than any other game. However also probably responsible for half the skills of today’s NFL running backs.

Butts up: Getting a tennis ball/dodge ball/whatever-ball fired at your back does not feel good. Even the biggest bullies hated the moment when they had to face the music.

Choke out game: stupid. #2 to salt-ice. Easy way to die

Hot Hands: Pretty weak. The anticipation usually sucked more than having your hand sandwich-slapped.

Remember another classic? Let us know @thawesomeboston


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