Store Clerk Fights Off Armed Robber With Chili Powder

Huffington Post:

A pinch of attitude and a cup of chili powder to the face was all it took for a convenience store owner in Massachusetts to thwart a gun-wielding would-be robber.

“I use it for my food,” said Saadat Khan, shortly after the alleged serial robber spiced up a slow Sunday evening in the Stoneham shop by pointing a gun at the clerk’s head.

Surveillance footage shows Khan, 49, walk behind the counter as if to collect cash from the register, when he suddenly turns around, punches the suspect, and hurls delicious red powder in his face, according to the Associated Press.

“I just threw it on him, maybe he would get some in his eyes,” Khan told the television station.

A.B. MAYBE he would get some in his eyes? Uh, no offense Mr. Khan, but you don’t throw chili pepper powder at some gun-wielding crack head unless you are SURE it’s going in his eyes. Chili powder has never stopped a robbery any other way. It’s like Dwight Schrute said, “the eyes are the testicles of the face.”

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