Stanley Cup With Julien, Chiarelli & 1972 Boston Bruins Etching

A.B. I feel like either I should work at The Greatest Bar or they should work for me at this point. The tips and pictures that keep coming out of that place are non stop incredible. You see that video of the Bruins Parade starting? That came from The Greatest. Twittering that the B’s were at Tia’s before even Channel 7 was there?… The Greatest.

And now I get these shots from them, which admittedly aren’t as cool as Tyler Seguin having a foursome with 2 chicks & the Stanley Cup… but still pretty cool. And to be honest I searched google for a picture of the 1972 Boston Bruins etching on the Stanley Cup for 2 hours the other day and never found anything. So let me announce that I am first with that $#!^ on the inter-web:

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