Sports Illustrated Cover Features David Ortiz And Marathon Responders

boston finest hour

A.B. You obviously recognize Boston Red Sox World Series MVP David Ortiz, but do the three officers look familiar too?

Well they should. Police officers Rachel McGuire, Javier Pagan and Detective Kevin McGill were the Boston Marathon bombing first responders featured on the Aprill 22nd cover of Sports Illustrated.

magazine cover

In April, the Marathon Finish Line was a crime scene for weeks. In early November, it stopped the duck boats and became a temporary home for the 2013 World Series trophy & Boston 617 Strong jersey. As Jonny Gomes,¬†Jarrod Saltalamacchia and press members huddled around for the special moment, fans along Boylston belted out “God Bless America.”

What a difference 7 months can make.

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