190 Foot Long Sinkhole Found In South Boston

mass pike I-90 ground collapse

South Boston Mass Pike Sinkhole


State transportation officials say a massive four foot deep hole has opened up about nine feet below the road surface in a Big Dig tunnel in Boston, but poses no danger to drivers.

A.B. This story is all over the place right now. Sinkhole fever is sweeping Boston. But what is scarier than a 4 ft. deep sinkhole is the fact that this thing spans over 130 feet wide!

Boston.com failed to mention that in their article, no big deal right? I pretty much was just picturing a really deep pothole that would take a day (or 5 days in Boston construction worker time) and a measly $15 million to fix…

But No, this thing is more like half a football field long and 1/2 a Yao Ming deep.

So hide yo car & hide yo bike because this thing is definitely threatening no matter what they say. Fire on the other hand is perfectly harmless and babies should be encouraged to play with matches as often as possible.

PS – I figure the 15 million will be broken down like: $10 million in $70/hour triple-overtime-workers, $2 million in overpriced concrete & $3 million in “disapearing funds” that will hit the headlines 6 years from now.

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