Sam Adams Beer Soon Being Triple Distilled Into ‘Cinder Block’ Whiskey

cinder bock beer

Cinder Block To Be Mixed With Boston Lager

Berkshire Mountain Distillers, located on Holm Road in Great Barrington, has teamed with The Boston Beer Co., makers of Samuel Adams beer, for a multi-year project in which the local distiller will turn two of the Boston-based brewer’s beers to produce two new spirits.

Berkshire Mountain is using 12,000 gallons of Sam Adams’ flagship Boston Lager and the small-batch Cinder Bock in a triple distillation process to create an aged whiskey expected to be ready for sale by 2015. The process is expected to yield 500 gallons, or 12,000 bottles, of whiskey.

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A.B. According to this, in two years’ time, I might not feel so bad about someone throwing a Cinder Block at my head. In fact, my friends and I might toss Cinder Blocks back and forth for fun. I know a guy who might actually juggle them one-handed.

But I do wonder one thing: why “Cinder Block?” Does the flavor remind one of that time that the biker claimed he’d put a brick in one’s mouth edgewise? Or is the name a clever ploy to convince consumers to, in fact, throw them around like beanbags at a Phish concert, thereafter bragging about all the Cinder Blocks they tossed back?

Food for thought. Drink, too.

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