Portland, Maine News Anchor Reports Celtics/Heat Game 4 Ends In A Tie


Dimwit WMTW anchor is told by her producer that last night’s Celtics Eastern Conference Finals game against the Miami Heat ended in a tie. Apologies for the abysmal audio and video quality…

A.B. I could understand if Meghan Torjussen didn’t know what a pick-n-roll or blocking foul was. I don’t expect everyone to be a sports expert – especially hot (?) news anchors like this. But not knowing that a playoff basketball game (or any sport playoff) cannot end in a tie is more than just laughable. Besides being depressing, videos like this are exactly why I don’t watch the news. Put a bunch of pretty people in front of a camera and expect they will know what they are talking about. Just way too much to ask I suppose… ESPN couldn’t even accurately follow this series either.

Didn’t we learn anything from Anchorman?

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