Peter Gammons Senses Jon Lester Is ‘So Unhappy’ In Boston

jon lester unhappy

Lester On The Way Out?

CBS Boston:

Peter Gammons joined Tony Massoratti and Marc Bertrand today to discuss the status of the Red Sox, and he dropped an interesting tidbit regarding Jon Lester.

It’s no secret that the 28-year-old is struggling this season, as evidenced by his 5-6 record and 4.49 ERA. But could the lefty want out of Boston? Gammons thinks that’s possible.

“I just sense that Jon is so unhappy here that I’m sure it would be good for him,” Gammons said regarding a potential trade of Lester.

A.B. Hear that? Red Sox fans are sounding the alarm. I think my father probably just jumped off the ship – and he has a Red Sox leg tattoo.

So, Trade Lester… Keep Beckett? Sounds like an absolute recipe for disaster. And although Gammons never said Beckett couldn’t go as well, the Red Sox are already hurting for pitching as is.

What do you even get for Lester? He’s had one great year. This year he has been pretty average at best. Teams know the Sox are desperate for a fix. Would it be another pennies on the dollar Youkilis-esque deal?

I just hope John Henry isn’t that stupid.

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