Patriots Linebacker Dont’a Hightower To Wear Teddy Bruschi’s Number 54

new england patriots #54 jersey

Dont’a Hightower #54

New England Patriots:

Here’s what Bruschi had to say last year about his jersey number:

“It was never really my goal to have my number retired. I wanted to win championships, and whatever came with that, so be it……

I would love to see a linebacker in the future wear number ‘54’ and perform well. I would love to see that. All retired numbers of the New England Patriots should be unretired and other players should be able to wear those numbers. Realize the history of the number and who wore that number before and the standard that they should try and uphold of past players.”

A.B. This is a large part of why Teddy Bruschi was not only such a great NFL player, but also so loved by New England fans. The guy just gets it. It’s not about personal accolades or acheivments. If you are a team player and work hard to win championships, all the personal fame & fortune stuff will come with it – NOT the other way around. That’s why people like Teddy have 3 RINGS and people like Ocho-Suck-O end up working at the 3 RING Circus.

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