Boston Tea Party Museum To Cost (At Least) $27m

rendering of the new boston tea part museum under construction

New Boston Tea Party Museum Rendering






On the 238th anniversary of the original Boston Tea Party, Mark DiNapoli, President and General Manager of Suffolk Construction’s Northeast Region, joined officials from the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum to celebrate the raising and placement of the cupola on the roof of the museum structure. This milestone event marked the topping off of the $27 million, 18,700 square-foot project.

“Suffolk Construction is extremely honored to be building such a prominent and historically significant project in the City of Boston,” stated DiNapoli. “We know that on this day, December 16th, a pivotal event occurred in the history of our country. Today, we celebrate the boldness of a group of present-day entrepreneurs, visionaries, and advocates who persevered to bring the vision of the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum to reality.”

A.B. $27 million?

Silly me, I thought we were still going through a recession. I thought the MBTA was bleeding money? 93 North is pretty bumpy.

But I guess it’s a good use of $27 million dollars if you think about it. I mean it will be open forever & nothing could possibly go wrong.

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