New Boston Bruins License Plates Released. Plate #1 Up For Raffle

boston bruins license plate

The Coolest License Plate In Boston

On Tuesday, March 27 the Boston Bruins Foundation and the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles will kick-off the raffle for the first plate of the ‘Invest in Youth Hockey’ Bruins license plate series featuring the Bruins current logo (the former plate included the retro Bruins logo.)

“This effort by the Bruins Foundation will re-energize the public’s interest in the Bruins specialty license plate series,” said Massachusetts Registrar of Motor Vehicles Rachel Kaprielian. “Our hope is that it will also increase overall awareness of the RMV’s specialty plate program and the number of charities Massachusetts residents may choose to support.”

The license plate raffle will run from March 27 until the May 4 at 5:00 p.m. Tickets can be purchased at starting at 10:00 AM on Tuesday March 27. 

A.B. The only question that remains is will this plate give you street cred or get your car keyed?

I’m hoping the former of the two since it’s for a good cause but I’m also not stupid. My girlfriend’s mother’s car got keyed in Southie for having a NH license plate (or for being a Prius) – so imagine what this coveted B’s plate might make people do.

Either way this plate is awesome and worth the risk – so buy your tickets today and support a good cause.

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