NBC Mixes Up 4 Country Flags During Olympics Coverage

A.B. Nothing to see here folks, just another #NBCFAIL.

With the growing popularity of social media, live streaming and DVR’ed events, the Peacock Network really can’t catch a break in their Olympic coverage. And while a lot of the criticism is much ado about nothing, this one is clearly on NBC.

But before you say, “big deal, they messed up a few flags” let’s take a historical look at the errors.

1) USA. Of course the Ol’ Stars and Stripes was correct. Even NBC couldn’t mess up their own flag.

2) China with Australian flag. It was recently reported that Australia had drafted a “just in case” secret plan for military action against China. I’m sure the Chinese wouldn’t appreciate this mix up very much…

3) Russia. Although I can’t figure out which flag is pictured, let’s face it – the Russians are hyper-sensitive about any perceived disrespect. But in all fairness – freezing winters, a surplus of vodka & and an Ivan Drago defeat will do that to a country.

4) Great Britain with German Flag. Not good. Anyone remember World War II? You know, that pesky little thing when the Germans fire bombed England and killed over 40,000 Brits?

5) Germany with Canadian Flag. Let’s face it, no one wants to be confused with the country known as America’s Hat. That’s just a tough one to swallow.

  • Jim Hanna

    The flag next to Russia is the Republic of China flag, aka Taiwan..

    • http://www.theawesomeboston bro juneau

      thanks jim

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