Nantucket House On The Market For 59 Million Dollars

million dollar nantucket home

59 Million Dollar Nantucket Home

Could the sale of one single-family property boost the entire state’s housing market?

Maybe, if it goes for anywhere near the asking price of $59 million. The waterfront property, which features 20 rooms and 9 1/2 baths on a 70-acre parcel, was put up for sale Sunday. It is located at Nantucket’s Polpis Harbor, a particularly exclusive part of an island dotted with multimillion-dollar houses.

Unless the price ends up being dropped dramatically, it would be the biggest residential sale on Nantucket – and probably in all of Massachusetts – in recent memory, according to listing broker Gary Winn, a principal with Maury People Sotheby’s International Realty on the island. “It is definitely the nicest property I have ever seen for sale,’’ he said.

A.B. I’m not going to take the typical jealous blogger approach here and say this price tag is ridiculous. Sure it is about $58,980,000 out of my price range but that doesn’t mean jack.

Do you see this place? Huge house, 70 acres of land & on the water. AND IT’S ON NANTUCKET. Forget crowded Cape Cod (which I love), The Hamptons (which I hate) and Orange County, CA (no comment). This is Nantucket. Privacy, money and beautiful although seasonal beaches. You can’t drive here and even a ferry ride will cost you over $100 – without taking a car. Nantucket is made for millionaires.

So who am I to judge? If The Awesome Boston made me $59 million dollars, you bet I would buy this place in a heartbeat. Until then I will go home to my overpriced South Boston rental and sleep well knowing that little pieces of Heaven like this house actually exist.

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About the author

Shred Kennedy lives in South Boston and enjoys candlelight dinners and long walks on the beach.

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  1. g says:

    100$ ferry rides? even a plane ride from hyannis can be had for less than that.

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