Mother & Kid Fall Onto Tracks Trying To Board Red Line In Cambridge

A.B. I really can’t blame this chick – it could have happened to any of us.

You know those days where every thing, person, sound & smell makes you want to scream? Well that is pretty much everyday on the MBTA. I used to take train to bus for work and what I witnessed on the outbound Orange Line has scarred me for life.

So can you blame this lady for trying to get on the train as quickly as possible without properly assessing her surroundings? God forbid you make eye contact with a heroin addict looking for money or some hipster tween with daddy issues, 7 different hair colors and ripped fishnet stockings. Any delay leaves you either cramped up against 10 random strangers holding on for dear life or sitting next to the 400 lb. person who doesn’t care they take up 2.5 seats.

Maybe she won’t win any mother of the year awards, but still, on the MBTA – I can relate.

via Barstool

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