Mom Jailed 6 Months For Jello Shots Party With Daughter & Friends

green jello shots

The Culprit: Green Jello (and vodka)

The mother of the Beverly woman sent to the slammer for six months for hosting a boozy bender for her teen daughter and her pals called the sentence “very harsh” and said her jailed kin is sorry.

“The sentence was very harsh considering my daughter had no record,” Linda Clark told the Herald yesterday. “She’s done everything that she’s supposed to do up until this time to try to do the right thing. She’s very sorry for what has happened.”

When the cops showed up after getting complaints of a loud party and underage drinking, Tiffany Clark was swaying and slurring her words, the police report said. She was taken to the hospital after her “intoxication appeared to get worse” and she fell over, police said.

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A.B. Dear Mom,

Remember that time when I was sixteen and you helped us make jello shots for that thing? And my best friend got alcohol poisoning and the police took me to the hospital? You don’t? Huh. Well we must have both blacked out then, because clearly it’s something that everyone does with their kids. Except the judge, who doesn’t have a clue anyway.

Hope we had a great time!

Happy Mother’s Day.



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