Massachusetts Is Now Tracking Sharks, Possibly Looking For Jaws

scientist shark tagging

A Shark Tagging Scientist

The device “stays on the shark for many, many years,” Skomal said, and emits a signal that is detected by the receivers if a tagged shark swims within about 100 yards.

For the past several summers, shark sightings have led to beach closures.

During the past three summers, Skomal and his team have placed sensors on nearly 20 sharks.

“We get great information on the presence of sharks, but we really don’t know exactly what they are doing,” Skomal said, adding “If we can get lots of sharks tagged, we can look for patterns.”

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A.B. The Bay State has its priorities. There are sharks and they must be tracked. Not because they’re dangerous, because for the most part they’re really not. (Unless you’re a seal.) Not because they’re unpredictable, because you can pretty much count on them to follow their normal fishy food wherever it swims.

These sharks must be tracked because dammit if it takes the entire Discovery Channel and Governor Patrick in a shark-proof cage, our legislators will prove once and for all that the government of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts should be taken seriously.

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