Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick Legalizes Massacusetts Casinos

Governor Deval Patrick has signed the bill legalizing casinos in Massachusetts, ending a years long battle on Beacon Hill and paving the way for full-scale casinos and slots in this state.

In a bill-signing ceremony in his office this morning, the governor, flanked by House Speaker Robert A. DeLeo, made Massachusetts the 40th state in the country to legalize casinos and slot parlors.

“Now the work will turn to getting it right in the implementation,” Patrick said as he put his signature on the bill just after 10:30 a.m.

The historic signing follows years of intense lobbying by the casino industry and several near misses in the Legislature. The bill, approved by lawmakers on a final vote in the waning hours of the legislative session last week, allows three full-scale casinos and one slot machine parlor.

Speaking at this morning’s ceremony, DeLeo said, “there were times when I would question whether we would ever come to this day.”

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A.B. It’s about time. Gambling is as American as baseball & apple pie.

Without gambling Vegas is just a desert on the West Coast, the NFL is the MLS & Cruise Ships are overpriced cargo ships.

And gambling in general is what makes our country great. We gamble everyday.

We gamble with our lives when we get in our car and do 80mph down the Mass Pike. We gamble with our financial security when we quit our job & seek better employment. And we gamble with our happiness when we decide to get married. (Also – ever heard of the lottery?)

Having kids is a gamble. Playing sports is a gamble. Even picking what kind of toothpaste to use is a gamble.

There is risk in everything. Cause & effect, risk & reward.

And people can complain all they want about increased crime and poverty but the positives outweigh the negatives. Gambling addicts will still gamble, now just in state. And as a result there will be more money to fund addiction groups to help these people IN STATE.

Crime will exist with or without casinos but now there will be more money to hire more police officers. More jobs means more tax revenue, more tax revenue means better schools, better schools means smarter children… you get the point.

God Bless The Peoples Republic of Massachusetts!

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