Man Robs Billerica 711 Store After Haggling For Candy 5/7/12

(actual robbery takes place @2:00)


On 5/7/12 at approximately 3AM the 7-11 store located at 314 Boston Rd was robbed when the above suspect leaned over the counter and made off with the cash drawer from the register. Anyone with information is encouraged to call Billerica Police Detectives at 978-667-1212. We will update this case as more information becomes available.

A.B. I know this guy was wearing a hat & dark hoodie but haggling over candy for 2 minutes usually isn’t a smart move when robbing a convenience store. I would have to imagine that the less time you spend on camera in these types of situations, the better. Now thanks to this criminal’s stupidity the cops have his voice, his mannerisms and a pretty decent height/weight description all on film.

But the best part is that even after this 2 minute back and forth & even having the worker take the correct change from his hand, this thief wasn’t able to keep the cash drawer open long enough to grab the cash. Instead he had to rip it from the wall – safety wire an all. What are the chances this genius remembers to wipe off his fingerprints when he ditches the box in the back alley? I’m saying 3,000 to 1.

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