Man At A BlackBerry Event Stabbed In Neck With Broken Beer Bottle

blackberry skull and bones

The Death Of Blackberry Coming?

This isn’t the kind of story we’d normally cover, but as some members of our team were present, we thought we’d bring you the news that a man has been left in a serious condition after reportedly being stabbed in the neck with a broken bottle at a BlackBerry event in London.

An argument broke out as guests were queuing to leave the event, resulting in a man in his 30s being injured. Police say the man is in a “serious” condition, according to the Telegraph.

He was taken to an East London hospital, while one man has been arrested and is in custody, the paper reports.

A.B. I feel like there is a joke in here about losing blood vs. losing mobile market share. But I am neither funny or geeky enough to think of anything worth publishing. That’s what the comments box below is for anyway. Give it a shot.

But seriously how much worse can it get for RIM?

They are losing mobile market share at an incredible rate, their stock is crashing, their tablets won’t sell, internal memos smelling of desperation are being leaked, C-suite employees are stepping down & now people are getting stabbed with beer bottles.

Really, what’s next?

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