Jessica Alba Visits Cambridge To Promote Her New Diapers

jessica alba honest

Jessica Alba & Honest Company

Actress Jessica Alba came to Cambridge on Tuesday to talk diapers.

The 31-year-old “Fantastic Four’’ actress recently added technology entrepreneur to her resume when she cofounded the Honest Co., an e-commerce site focused on selling biodegradable diapers.

She was in Harvard Square for General Catalyst Partners’ annual gathering of companies in the venture capital firm’s portfolio.

In March, General Catalyst led a $27 million round of funding for Alba’s company. Alba, who is president of the Honest Co., was the keynote speaker at the event, which drew hundreds of entrepreneurs and investors to the Charles Hotel.

The company will use the funding from General Catalyst to expand its line of products, which include organic baby oil and chemical-free laundry detergent. The company, which was launched in January, manufactures all of the products it sells through

A.B. I’m going on the record here saying that I love this idea & Honest Company’s products.

I’m all for biodegradable products, clean energy, recycling & everything green. Some people would say that is called being a hippy. Some people would say that caring about the environment is for sissies. I say not caring is ignorance, and not the type of ignorance that is bliss.

The only knock here is that the amount of waste produced by creating The Fantasic Four probably undoes all of the good Alba hopes to accomplish with Honest Company. And I’m not one too take it too far and say we should all live like the Amish, but let’s not give her a Nobel Peace Prize quite yet.

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