Jason Terry Gets Boston Celtics Leprechaun Championship Trophy Tattoo

Larry Brown Sports:

Terry, who played with the Mavericks the last eight seasons before signing with Boston in July, shared a few pictures of his new tattoo via Twitter on Saturday. His new ink features the Celtics’ leprechaun logo with the championship trophy swapped in where the leprechaun would otherwise be balancing a basketball on his finger. The tattoo appears on the inner part of Terry’s left biceps, opposite the Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy tattoo on his right biceps.

A.B. Gotta love JET totally buying into his new role as a Boston Celtic. And nothing proves you are more committed to the cause than getting a tattoo of the team you haven’t even played a game for yet. Boston homers rejoice!

Looks like I might have to add this to the list of The Top 25 Boston Sports Tattoos

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