Jacked Dude ‘Roller Blade Figure Skating’ In Copley Square, Boston

A.B. This dude is one graceful swan. His technique is flawless. He even nailed the single lutz (thank you Google).

But is this dude serious? Crowded Copley Square? Roller blade figure skating? What planet is this guy from? I can barely walk through Copley Square without having a full blown anxiety attack. Yet somehow he manages to nail an entire routine while making sure to avoid other people and getting in all his fancy little leg kicks.

If street-roller-blade-figure-skating ever makes it out of the underground scene & onto a major network channel like The Ocho, I think we know who will be the #1 superstar.

  • Kelly

    hey thanks for sharing my video. This guy was graceful as a swan, he slided in, did his littler performance then skated away. Look out Nancy Kerrigan

  • Edmund Geswein

    He sort of has that late 70’s roller disco style. That’s okay! He’s having fun. That’s what it’s all about.

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