In Case You Missed It: Another Heartwarming Tale from the MBTA

MBTA bus for Forest Hills route

MBTA Bus - Forest Hills

A.B. A disgruntled passenger on one of the many buses in Boston decided he had finally had enough.

Trust me I’ve been there, but this guy jumped the “gun” and the whole thing went south.

Here is how it went down:

Bus is behind schedule and at a standstill. Passenger is apparently late for his meeting with his parole officer (which you do not want to be late for, trust me I’ve been there) and he does the only thing he can think of to get the bus moving… He threatens to shoot everyone on board and just for flare adds, “including the babies.” I’ll be honest I was completely on board with this guy’s plan until he brought babies into this scenario.

No one was harmed as the bus driver heroically(?) opened the bus doors and everyone ran for the nearest snowbank.

I was still confused about the postal-passenger’s motives so I read the police report.

After reading it the only thing that was clear to me was that no one on that bus understood how verb or adjective tenses work.

Some quotes from the police report:

“…I did it, I threaten the people with the gun.”
“He threaten to shoot everyone on the bus…”
“Get the cops down here… They know who I am. I own Mattapan.”

He also went on to say that King Kong doesn’t have anything on him. This guy has his Denzel Washington movies mixed up.

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